Disney twisted wonderland: A variety of dorms in the Night Raven College

Disney Twisted Wonderland is a popular multimedia project that takes you to a world filled with magic and mystery. It is set in the Night Raven College, a prestigious academy that trains young people with magical abilities. One of the unique features of the college is its dormitory system, where students are divided into various dorms based on their abilities and personalities. This system adds depth and diversity to the story, as each dorm has its own distinct character, strengths, and weaknesses. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various dorms in the Night Raven College and what makes them stand out from each other.

1. Heartslabyul (House Based On Alice In Wonderland):

A mobile game in the Disney Twisted Wonderland series is called “Heartslabyul (House Based on Alice in Wonderland).”. The game is set in the Wonderland universe and is a dark fantasy retelling of the famous tale of Alice in Wonderland. In this game, players take on the role of students at “Night Raven College” and enroll in classes taught by figures drawn from Lewis Carroll’s original tale.

One of the five houses in the game, the Heartslabyul residence represents a particular aspect of Wonderland. Heartslabyul is described as a mysterious and fantastical home that represents the “Wonder” part of Wonderland. Players can interact with the members of this house at various points in the game. They are said to have distinctive personalities and skills.

In general, the mobile role-playing game “Disney Twisted Wonderland” incorporates elements of adventure, card battle, and visual novel. The game has won praise for its endearing characters, intricate plot, and gorgeous graphics. You might be interested in this game if you like dark fantasy themes or the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland.

2. Savanaclaw (House Based On The Lion King):

In “Disney Twisted Wonderland,” a mobile game that is a dark fantasy role-playing game set in the world of Disney villains, “Savanaclaw” is a house. The game features a number of houses, each of which is modeled after a distinct Disney villain and is populated by students who have the same interests and personalities. “Savanaclaw” is one of these houses. The home is modeled after Scar, a character in the Disney film “The Lion King.”. “.

Players in “Disney Twisted Wonderland” attend the Night Raven College of Magic, where they can interact with the other students in their house, take classes, and fight other houses in battles. The objective of the game is to advance through the narrative and learn the Night Raven College’s secrets.

Overall, “Disney Twisted Wonderland” is an original and enjoyable take on the Disney universe that combines well-known characters and narratives with a dark and twisted fantasy setting.

3. Octavinelle (House based on The Little Mermaid):

“Octavinelle” is a character from the mobile game “Disney Twisted Wonderland,” which is a dark fantasy-themed retelling of classic Disney stories. In this game, Octavinelle is based on the character of Ariel from the Disney animated film “The Little Mermaid.” However, in Disney Twisted Wonderland, Octavinelle is depicted as a cunning and manipulative individual who is a member of the enemy organization known as the “Night Ravens.”

As a member of the Night Ravens, Octavinelle wields significant power and is known for her skill in manipulating others to do her bidding. Despite this, she is also depicted as having a playful and mischievous side, and is often seen flirting with the male characters in the game.

Overall, Octavinelle is a complex and intriguing character in Disney Twisted Wonderland, and is a departure from the more innocent and optimistic portrayal of Ariel in the original Little Mermaid story. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy and reinterpretations of classic fairy tales, you might enjoy checking out Disney Twisted Wonderland and learning more about Octavinelle.

4. Scarabia (House Based On Aladdin):

“Scarabia” is a house in the mobile game “Disney Twisted Wonderland,” which is a Japanese mobile game based on the classic Disney animated movie “Aladdin.” In the game, players take on the role of a student attending a magical academy, and each house represents a different Disney villain. Scarabia is one of the seven houses in the game, and is based on the character Jafar from “Aladdin.” The members of Scarabia are known for their cunning and ambition, and players can choose to join this house if they want to play as a character who is strategic and manipulative. The game features gacha mechanics, allowing players to collect and recruit new characters to their team.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a part of the larger franchise of Disney games in Japan, and is developed and published by NHN PlayArt. The game has been well-received in Japan and has a dedicated fan base.

5. Pomefiore (House Based On Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs):

“Pomefiore” is a location in the mobile game “Disney Twisted Wonderland,” which is part of the Disney Twisted Worlds series. “Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a dark fantasy RPG mobile game that takes place in a world that is based on the twisted versions of classic Disney tales, such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

In the game, Pomefiore is a house that is based on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This house is one of the six main houses that the players can join, and the members of this house are all based on characters from the Snow White story. Each house has its own unique story, and players can participate in various events, battles, and character-driven scenarios.

Overall, “Disney Twisted Wonderland” is a dark and twisted take on classic Disney stories, and Pomefiore is just one of the many houses that players can explore in this exciting and captivating world.

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